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    JSC «Videofon»
    26, Planetnaya Str.
    Voronezh, 394044
    Tel +7 (4732) 72-78-03
    Fax +7 (4732) 72-78-04

    The enterprise will execute the following work:

    Injection Molding Work

          Is performed with the automatic molding machines («LG», «Engel», «JSW») with clamping force from 25 to 1800t. Different technologies for plastic molding, including gas supply molding, hot molding are used. For realization of these technologies there is a set of necessary equipment. The process of molding is wasteless as the molding of a number of TV parts is carried out with the use of 100% secondary raw materials.

    Repair Work

           «больших» Of large-sized molds and manufacture of small-sized molds and dies. The production is provided with precision metal-working machinery, electro erosion machines with programmed control, finish grinding machines and machines for metal working according to mathematical models. The computer-aided-design (CAD) system is used for designing molds, dies and tooling.

    Parts Stamping On Your Orders

           The metal stamping bay is fitted out with hydraulic and mechanical presses with pressing force from 25 to 200t.

    Electronic Units Production (PCBs Assembly)

          Radioelements preparation and insertion into PCBs are performed with a use of different types of equipment with programmed control. Wave soldering of oversized components is carried out with automated soldering machines. PCBs quality control is performed with universal computerized test units.

    Parts Painting

          Water-thinned paint coating of TV cabinets and back covers is carried out in painting complexes equipped with dust protection and static discharge protection systems, as well as with efficient tunnel-like drying conveyers. The operating production capacity of the bay is 1 000 000 sets of TV cabinets and back covers a year.

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