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    JSC Videofon
    26, Planetnaya Str.
    Voronezh, 394044
    Tel +7 (4732) 72-78-03
    Fax +7 (4732) 72-78-04

           JSC Videofon is one of the largest enterprises of Russia operating since 1986. It specializes in the manufacture of electronic engineering products. The existing building of the plant Videofon was built in 1989 by the Finnish firm HAKA. It is fitted out with up-to-date machinery of the Japanese and Korean origin intended for full-scale production of complicated consumer electronics, namely: 14 32 TV receivers and DVD players. The enterprise is situated in the suburbs of Voronezh and it has an advantageous geographical location. The city of Voronezh is situated in the central part of the European territory of Russia, 500 km to the south of Moscow. The staff of the enterprise numbers 1000 people. The total outdoor area is 200 000 m2. The main production area totals 41760 m2. Closed storage area totals 3426 m2. The administrative office premises total 11664 m. With newly built warehouses the total production and storage area has reached 75000 m2. The enterprise has sewage purification works.

          JSC Videofon is a power independent enterprise, i.e. it doesnt depend on the urban power network. It has its own transportation facilities, electric power substation, gas-fired boiler house, cooling station, nitric station and compressor station.

          The first products manufactured at the plant were domestic cassette tape recorders BM-12 series, and at the beginning of the nineties the plant started its large-scale production of VTRs ElectronicaSamsung BM-8220 and BM-1230 together with the company Samsung. The process of manufacturing was realized in a complete technological cycle, i.e. manufacture of chassis, tape-moving devices, video heads, insertion of radioelements and soldering of PCBs were carried out in the production shops of the plant.

           The transition from VCR manufacture to TV manufacture was started in 1996. At first it was a simple TV model Electronica (19 and 21), but in 1998 the plant began mastering of modern TV receivers on a large scale together with the Moscow TV Plant Rubin. JSC Videofon is the only national enterprise making TV receivers in a complete technological cycle. The production capacities of the enterprise have reached 1 000 000 TV sets a year. At present JSC Videofon specializes in the manufacture of the most complicated electronic devices with respect to the production process. The range of its products includes 14 34 TV receivers with analog and digital signal processing, in particular TV sets with built-in DVD players and karaoke (the so-called multivision TV sets). At present 100 Hz TV set production has been organized at the plant, as well as the manufacture of TV sets with Slim CPTs (21, 29 and 32). And the manufacture of TV sets with 21 Ultra Slim CPTs and DVD players is at the stage of preparation. The enterprise has obtained great experience in organizing SKD TV assembly with different foreign countries. At different time JVC, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and LG used to be the partners of Videofon. At present Videofon is ready to take part in the program connected with the manufacture of digital TV attachments which are going to be used in the near future when Russia passes to digital television broadcasting.

          The enterprise has all necessary production capacities for realization of its activities. A set of special equipment with programmed control is used for radioelements preparation and automatic insertion into PCBs. It includes high-speed expandable component sequencers with satellite control systems for pasting-in of different radioelements into tapes and automatic inserting machines (for axial and radial lead components). There are special conveyer lines for manual insertion of oversized components, PCBs wave soldering and PCBs quality control on universal test stands. Work on using soldering without the application of lead is in the progress. Now the capacity of the bay is 1 200 000 electronic units a year.

          Molding of basic TV parts is carried out with the injection molding machines manufactured by LG, Engel and JCW. The clamping force is 251800t. The enterprise applies different technologies for injection molding, including gas supply molding, hot molding. It has necessary equipment for realization of these technologies. The process of molding is wasteless as the manufacture of a number of TV parts is carried out with the use of 100% secondary raw materials.

           Water-thinned paint coating of TV cabinets and back covers is carried out in painting complexes equipped with dust protection and static discharge protection systems, as well as with efficient tunnel-like drying conveyers. The operating production capacity of the bay is 1 000 000 sets of TV cabinets and back covers a year.
           The metal stamping bay is equipped with hydraulic and mechanical presses with pressing force from 25 to 200t, and it satisfies the needs of the enterprise in stamped parts.

           The tool-and-die shop is intended for large-sized molds repair and for small-sized molds and dies manufacture. It is fitted out with precision metal working machinery, electro erosion machines with programmed control, finish grinding machines and machines for metal working according to mathematical models. The computer-aided-design (CAD) system is used for designing molds, dies and tooling.

          Three assembly lines make it possible to assemble practically all kinds of consumer electronics from light portable systems to heavy large-sized ones (e.g. 34 TV sets). The production capacities of the TV assembly shop are 3 000 000 TV sets a year with some equipment added.

          The available production capacities of the plant allow making cooperation deliveries of components, units and parts for enterprises of the appropriate profile. About 12% of the TV sets made at Videofon are successfully sold in the markets of East and South-East Europe. The quality management system of the enterprise has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000). The enterprise operates the information system for accounting and inspection of the material values movement of ERP-class.

          The present state of the market and the forthcoming entry of Russia into World Trade Organization stimulate the enterprise to look for the ways of mastering of new untraditional products. JSC Videofon is ready to give serious consideration to offers made by both domestic and foreign partners and investors for organizing new types of production from agricultural products to car assembly.

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