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    JSC «Videofon»
    26, Planetnaya Str.
    Voronezh, 394044
    Tel +7 (4732) 72-78-03
    Fax +7 (4732) 72-78-04

    Production and Technical Potentialities of JSC «Videofon»

    Plastic Processing

          A park of heavy-duty automatic molding machines («Engel», «LG», «Hemscheidt», «JSW») with clamping force from 450 to 1800t and shot volume from 1200 to 775 cm3 allows to mold large-sized parts weighing 6 kg from different types of plastic using progressive methods of molding (nitrogen injection through the nozzle, direct injection into the mold, hot molding). The available peripheral equipment (chillers, thermostats, hot channel controllers, robots and a centralized distribution system) ensures the decision of all modern tasks in the field of plastic processing.
           A park of light-duty automatic molding machines («JSW», «Hemscheidt») with clamping force from 28 to 220t and shot volume from 15 to 350 cm3 allows to mold any small-sized parts from all types of thermosoftening plastic.
          In the structure of production there is a mechanized bay for mechanical finishing of plastic parts.
          The tool-and-die shop of the enterprise is capable of carrying out all necessary finishing work, repair work and maintenance work of the machining attachments for plastic processing.

    Stamping Production.

           A park of hydraulic and mechanical presses of home and foreign manufacture with pressing force from 16 to 150t, including automatic presses with a lower drive allows to perform all necessary stamping work, cutting out work and bending work for sheet –metal stamped parts.
          Dies are made, repaired and maintained in the tool-and-die shop of the enterprise.

    Electronic Units Production

    (A short list of the equipment for manufacture of electronic units and its specifications)       
    1. 1. Radial and axial lead components preparation, pasting-in into tapes, automatic insertion into PCBs.

      Name of the equipment Model Quantity Main Specifications
      Sequencer Universal 2596 7 Cycle speed: 22500 – 25000 pcs/hr
      Automatic Inserting Machine (Axial Leads) Universal 6295S 7 Insertion rate, including cut and clinch: 15000 - 30000 pcs/hr Insertion step: 5 -20 mm
      Automatic Inserting Machine (Radial Leads) Universal 6346A 10 Insertion rate, including cut and clinch: 7000 pcs/hr Insertion step: 5 mm

    2. Four conveyer lines for manual PCBs assembly.
      The lines are equipped with automatic wave soldering machines and computerized test units for quality control of PCBs.
    3. Three TV assembly lines. Average output of each line is 80 TV sets per hour or 110 DVD players per hour.

    Painting Production

          Water-thinned paint coating of TV cabinets and back covers is carried out in painting complexes equipped with dust protection and static discharge protection systems, as well as with efficient tunnel-like drying conveyers. The operating production capacity of the bay is 1 000 000 sets of TV cabinets and back covers a year.

    Tooling Production

           The tool-and-die shop is intended for large-sized molds repair and for small-sized molds and dies manufacture. It is fitted out with precision metal-working machinery, electro erosion machines with programmed control, finish grinding machines and machines for metal working according to mathematical models. The computer-aided-design (CAD) system is used for designing molds, dies and tooling.

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